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    I know this has been addressed way back when but I am wondering if any progress has been made on newer phones.

    I have a 700p (vzw) and I was wondering if there is any way to write code to extract GPS location from the phone. I know the information is there and there are even menus to control it but #*#LOCATION# still shows blank values. Now, I am not looking for a great deal of precision, not even for nav system, just looking for a way to be able to tell location within a hundred feet or so?

    I know Nextel phones and GSP phones are capable of this, so what is missing from Verizon phones to enable this?

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    The CDMAUpdater in the MRs does contain these strings:


    All above is GPS stuff, but returns ERROR, I guess the brew app in the rom hasn't been loaded..
    how to load it ?

    Does nextel have Treos? If you can repair the ESN and put the Treo on the Nextel network the location info might show up?

    Again, maybe you can try to find all of the #911, *911 etc in the ROM or NV backup and change all those to 611. Then call 611, that might work
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