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    Hi all. Just frustrated with the BT and seeking any help. I paired my husband's plantronics 640 with my 755p and if worked beautiful. So I ordered one for me.

    Before it came, i tried to use the 640 again when my husband out of town and then i noticed a problem. This time I tried to pair the 640 I could not get it to work. It would find the device, but never ask for the code and I would get an endless loop of loof for device, find device, and then select it only have it bring me back to look for device. I gave up figuring it is my husband's BT anyway.

    But, my 640 finally came in the mail yesterday and I try to piar it again and the same thing happens. My phone finds the 640, I select it, and it just goes back to do you want to look for your device, again and again and again?

    Any suggestions?

    I swear it worked find the very first time, but now I am wondering if I screwed something up, or it just ain't gonna work?
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    I'm assuming it's not on the 'trusted device' list so have you tried a soft reset given it another go? if it is already trusted you shouldn't have the issue but you could always delete it and pair them again.
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    I have the 640 ear piece with a 700p and it works occasionally. If it doesnt work you have to do a soft reset. Its a pain. Also it will lose signal and pair several times throughout the day.I am not sure if you can do a soft reset on the 755 check the manual.
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    I did try the soft reset and it still won't pair again. I contacted plantronics and they state that none of their BT devices are compatible with the treo 755. Ugh. I am so frustrated I am going to buy something else. crap, maybe i can resell the stupid 640 on ebay.

    i am sorting through the BT post and feeling overwhelmed. Thus far, I note:

    some people have 640 or another plantronics BT and it works fine. Damn why not me??

    But the following seem most commonly liked with the 755. Any further recommendations?

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    I use the samsung that plantronics dude was is a fool. Many plantronics BT headsets are compatible with the 755p.

    I've paired the following plantronics headsets with my 755p:

    Explorer 320

    discovery 655

    discovery 610

    Plantronics Voyager 510 (possibly still their best headset period!!!)

    I would have someone else try it for ya,
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