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    im trying to help a good friend of mine with her phone
    im a 700p user and she has 680...

    she is syncing her treo with two computers and on her work comp in the palm desktop somehow she has two usernames, both of them are the same names but one begins with a upper case letter and the other with lower case....
    she has lots of calendar events under the upper case username but every time she tries to sync her phone it goes to the lower case automatically
    she tried to delete the lower case user name but when sync is being attempted it asks her to create a new username and it will not sync with the upper case username
    the lower case username was most likely created by accident and is not needed...
    she is able to sync her home comp w/o any problems but all her calendar info are on the work comp and cant get it on the phone
    any suggestions?
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    wow! no suggestions at all? i could really use some help on this
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    I had that same issue with my Clie. This was years ago... I remember I went and deleted the folder the desktop software used for the bad username, but I don't think that did it, I think it still remembered the other name. I think I may have had to uninstall the software, delete the folders, and then reinstall and resync.

    Oh, and I have no idea why it started in the first place.
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    she would like ot avoid doing that at all cost as she has lots lots of information still on the computer that needs to be sync on to the treo

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