I just paid for ultimate phone and i'm having a few problems!!

The most important problem is that when i hit the contact button on the ultimate phone screen. my phone resets!! it's quite annoying!!! i can go to the the regular treo screen and hit the contact button and it's fine, or i can op to have the "UP" take me to the regular Palm contact screen and that works. I actually like the way the contacts look in UP and since i paid for it, it should work!!

Problem 2, I go to the Ultimate phone website to try and get help and it's useless!!! The FAQ link doesn't work!! and the link to report a problem works, but nobody returns e-mails!! no maybe it's just used to report a problem, but if thats the case thier support sucks!!!

Not so much a problem as a question!! Is there a read file or something that can explain all the uses and how to set "UP" up.. cause your just kind of going at it blind!! playing around!! which might be the reason for my problem #1. The tips buttons are kind of useless!! if your going to have software that "does so much" the least you can do is give somekind of instructions on how to use it PROPERLY!!

Please if anyone knows anything about any o f the above.. please e-mail me!! Because it's obvious The folks at ultimate phone aren't going to