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    I'm going up to Quebec City this Friday. I heard that Quebec City is one of the first cities they rolled out hi-speed? 3g?

    When I went up last time though I couldn't get on 3g as it was always roaming. How could I use the phone?

    Could I skype? Is there a trick to connecting to 3g without roaming? PLEASE HELP!

    (Btw, i use sprint)
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    To answer all your questions in a sentense, is it possible to use data in Canada without getting raped? haha no.
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    Doesnt 3g use EDGE? Not EVDO!
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    EDGE is what a GSM (Cingt&t) carrier's 3G is, and for CDMA (VZW/Sprint) carriers it is EVDO....
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    There is no way to bypass the data roaming, because you are in a different area. If you want, you can edit the PRL and tell which EVDO PN to pilot on.
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    I have not seen the EVDO Towers PN list yet. (PN list (EVDO) is like the SID for 1x/voice)

    Its the same for voice, unless you live close to the boarder etc.

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