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    Will this card work for the 755p?
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    No it will not.. the 755 uses miniSD not the standard full size sd. You can get 4Gb miniSD cards if thats what your looking at but they are a little more expensive.
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    I also need a new, bigger card. I want to give my friend my old 512MB mini disk with adapter. I have been using it with a MobileMate SD mini/micro transFlash.

    I'll need a new USB adapter for a 4GB SDHD card right? If a stick with a 2GB I could still use my mobileMate TransFlash, and my friend can use the 512 card with adapter in her laptop and in photomachines and anything with slots that fit the adapter?

    Can someone provide links to some options that will work on the 755p?
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    I believe any 2gb card will work both for the 755p and an old card reader.. now when you get to the 4Gb SDHD I believe from what I have read you can still use in the 755 but you might need another card reader that supports SDHD.

    Here is a 2Gb Transcend for 23.99
    Plus there is no sales tax depending on where you live.

    And this is the one I want because of what comes with it. It should also work in the 755p and this one comes with its own usb card reader. This one I think is 64.99
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    Now wait that last link will work in a 755p? I am so confused! :-(
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    Im pretty sure I read somewhere that the 755p is compatible up to 4Gb cards. I could be wrong but I also remember when the 8Gb SDHC cards came out for the 700p they weren't supposed to work but some of them did.
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    Im using the 4gb Transcend mini sdhc and its working great in the 755. $32.99 is a great price from newegg.[/url]
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    Syphex, I think the question is that the Sandisk you linked to at TigerDirect is a microSD, not miniSD.
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    Avoid which has store fronts in Amazon and eBay. They sold me a counterfeit miniSD which also happened to be labeled with the wrong brand. It failed after just a few days as counterfeit SD cards tend to do.

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