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    Need to switch to Blackberry email. Have a 755p. Don't want to carry 2 devices. Possible?
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    Do you mean an exchange server or the blackberry enterprise server?

    If your work/employer has a Microsoft exchange server the 755 will sync with that. If your employer has and only uses Blackberries and you are wanting to have a Treo sync that way it will not work.

    There is no BB connect for the 755.
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    Versamail will work fine on the 755 you just have to get the settings. I personally like Chatteremail though for my email. It supports more than one exchange server mailbox (all you need is the free exchange server plug in) and works great.
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    well they make a blackberry connect for the 650 so there might be something for the 755.

    Its available for the 650/680
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