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    I have a Treo 700p that has a problem I have not been able to solve. Every day at 8:00am the phone turns off.

    About a year ago I had loaded Phone Technician (it may have been called something else then I'm not sure) because my work desk was located in a spot where I did not get a signal so I wanted the phone to turn off in order to save power on the phone. I have now moved and have a great signal all day.

    I must have deleted Phone Technician off of the palm device because I can not find the application I used to set up the auto (on/off) of my phone connection. Even without the application beeing present the phone still automatically shuts off each day and then turns back on at 4:30 just like I had set it up to do about a year ago or longer. I can not find the application on my PC either as my PC crashed about 3 months ago and I had no backup.

    In short:
    - Just over a year ago I installed an application to turn off my phone automatically every day of the week - may have been Phone Technician or the same app but by a different company at the time.
    - The application is no longer on my Treo but something is running in the background that keeps turning my phone off
    - I need help getting rid of this application

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks a bunch,
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    How did you delete Phone Technician? Did you use the Delete menu in the application launcher, or did you just delete the prc using a file manager? If the latter, that could be the problem; you left the saved preferences behind. In which case, reinstalling and then deleting properly might take care of it.

    If that wasn't the case, you could always rename your backup directory, hard reset, hotsync to load your PIM data and then reinstall one or two apps at a time to determine the culprit.

    Or, install the free trial of Resc2Memo, run it (Name, RAM only, PRC's only, sort by name, no Head/Foot) and paste the output in your reply.
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