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    Hey everyone.. I am a newbie! (I have a CDMA (VZW) Treo 650 and I am running Vista...)

    I have been messing around to get ready to make a custom rom. I have been doing a lot of reading, downloading and testing.

    I finally got the Treo 650 ROM Tool to work but I am stilling being held up.

    I just got this Treo on eBay it is running 1.04 and I think I want 1.05 software.

    I downloaded the updater from PALM and followed all of the instructions but it doesn't work. Everything seems normal until it tells me to press the sync button in "step 1". It starts to sync and then quickly completes on the Treo's screen and then an error comes up on both my PC screen and Treo screen saying the sync was incomplete and the data was not successfully backed up.

    So I can't get to "stage 2" where the updating would happen.

    Any help would be GREAT!
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    Doesn't an update depend on your cellular provider? Need to know your provider to get the correct update, I'm trying to say.

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    I assume you have installed the Palm software and I think there is an updated on for Vista.
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    It does rely on provider. But if it is unlocked - go with the ORIGINAL provider, not your current one...
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    It is and always was vzw... I will try and find the Vista update! that sound like a possibility.

    Thanks for the help

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