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    My Treo 755p did a surprise hard reset on me on the way to the office today, and when I HotSync'd to restore I was surprised when my Slingplayer wasn't put back on my Treo. So this evening at home I downloaded the Slingplayer for Palm again and while it was interesting that after running the install I didn't have to reenter any preferences or my Finder ID, it still doesn't seem that doing a Hotsync places a backup copy of Slingplayer in my Palm backup folder.

    Is this by design that you have to run the installer again to reload Slingplayer after a hard reset and not just recover via a HotSync?
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    The slingplayer installer actually loads a bunch of things.. The first time you run it, it installs them.

    It is by design that it doesn't backup via hotsync.

    You can reinstall using the original file or downloading using the Treo browser and going to the slingmedia download site.

    You could also backup using one of the backup utilities like backupbuddy (or others) that backup every file to an SD card.

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