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    OK, here is my question...

    Hi, I'm a Mac and MissingSync user. I also have a iPod and a Treo 680 and would like to emulate some iTunes syncing functions to make my mobile experience with the Treo even better.

    I have my podcasts set to be deleted from my iPod every time I listen to an episode. In fact my iTunes is set to only let on the iPod episodes that are not listened or new. So, I don't need to care about taking care of replacing old episodes from new ones on my iPod (just sync it and it is done!) and would love to have the same experience with my Treo.

    I tried to it with MissingSync but it wouldn't delete on the device (Treo) the episodes I have already listen to. I even tried a combination of Smart Play Lists and MissingSync, but couldn't make it work the way I wanted

    Is there a way to do this, even if it is not using iTunes or pTunes?

    PS.: I think this is a good subject for the podcast
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    check out quicknews. it can do streaming or downloadable OTA podcasting. don't know if they have mac compatibility for desktop syncing of podcasts but if you have a 3g treo and unlimited data, just download ota
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    I think the mOcean music player lets you sync directly with iTunes, maybe it will work the way you want. It looks they have a trial available so you could try it out on the cheap. I've never used it though, so this is just a guess.
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    Thanks a lot for the suggestions!

    Didn't know mOcean. It's a very nice software. It really looks like an iPod but unfortunately it doesn't handle the podcast the way I'd like. It syncs nice from iTunes to the Treo but it doesn't erase the episode from the Treo after I listen to it. And worst, it won't let me delete it from the handheld. I have to manage it from the desktop while connected to the Treo.

    I'm now downloading Quick News to see how it goes...
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    I havent tried downloading podcasts on Quicknews via hotsync but it does update the feeds via hotsync via your PC's internet connection.
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    OK, since I'm a Mac + MissingSync user I downloaded Quick News and the MissingSync conduit, but I'm having sync problems with the podcasts. Every time I sync my Treo 680 Quick New conduit on the Mac goes to the Internet and gets the same podcast episodes I already have on the device. And this is happening on every sync. I would like the software to grab only the new episodes. Is there a special configuration I could be missing?

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