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    Hello - I am still periodically not receiving "reminder" alarms for appointments at the scheduled times. Just yesterday I didn't get any reminders for morning appointments until around 11:45 a.m. when 6 rang all at once. Any ideas on why that might be happening? Please advise. Thanks.

    I am running Goodlink (can't jump to 5.x until corporate folks approve) on my Treo 755p (Sprint).
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    I am guessing that GMM was frozen for some reason. Were you getting emails during that same time? Not likely a connectivity issue because appointment reminders trigger on the device and don't come from the server as far as I know.

    There are many others who visit this message board that would likely have a better guess but I thought I would throw in my 2 cents.

    Next time your reminders aren't popping up try soft resetting your Treo then restarting GMM (unless it starts on its own) and see if they come through.

    Also, don't jump on the 5.0 bandwagon too quicky when it does come out for you because I believe 755's are having some fairly regular issues--check this forum.
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    Yes, am getting emails and IMs. It's happening again now. Yesterday, I didn't get any of the five "reminders" to show up or ring. I am at a loss for what's going on. I tried to reset but that was yesterday afternoon and haven't received an appointment reminder until just a few minutes's completely random when the appointments show up and also quite scary because my memory is not what it used to be and I forget things all of the time.
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    I found that Active sync was started and that caused the calendar not to sync through goodlink. I am struggling with many conflicts activesync is causing to goodlink functionality. in my case the calendar items entered after the active sync 'started' were not available on the device so they didn't notify. if you have the same issue here's the steps.

    Go to Settings/System
    Memory/Advanced/Running Programs
    Select Active sync and STOP.

    All calendar items should sync almost immediately.
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    I started using Memmaid several years ago. It turned me on to the ugly underbelly of GMM by showing me things like how much storage memory and RAM it took up on my device. It also enlightened me to the poor way that GMM handles notifications on the WM platform. I have set up a scheduled cleaning in memmaid that daily cleans up the notifications. Since I have been doing that I have not seen the GMM notification issues that I originally had.
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