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    Does it really only give you your mobile buddy list (this makes no sense if true)? Does it use SMS or data? Can you set a custom Away Message, can you read other people's Away Message? I only use AIM and MSN and was hoping that Sprint's built-in IM application would be feature-rich, but I hear it is not. If they're trying to market the Centro to the "youth", why wouldn't they make a full-feature, true IM client like the Sidekick. Any deatails on Sprint's IM app is appreciated.
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    From what I've read, it uses SMS messages ... so I guess it might be time to upgrade my freakin data plan. Good thing I have a large discount from my employeer.
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    If its anything like the 755p version then its probably the worst one ever made. But again it depends on what you like. Do you like functionality then it sucks, looks? it sucks, file xfer? sucks... but if you just like something to use thats free and for occasional use its fine
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    Yea, the IM app is pretty lame. I have it on my 755p and never use it. It takes too long to connect, and I'm still unsure of the whole charging per message.
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    I just downloaded mundu 4.1 and its awsome it loads up quick and wen I get emails it let's me no and if any of my buddies sends me a off line messege it also let's me no so I would give it a try.

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