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    Being a Mac geek and having no life, I thought I'd put together a few Caller ID mp3's to use with MiniTones. Since I use a Mac and I own a couple of very high quality aftermarket ( voices for speech recognition I am able to create a "spoken name" MP3's for anyone in my contacts list. I have posted a sample for any who wants it.

    Here is how I did it.

    First, download MiniTones for your Treo, AudioHijack and Audacity for Mac. and install them.

    MiniTones allows you to use any MP3 as a ringtone but it only works when the MP3 is stored on an MiniSD card on the 755.

    Creating the Audio file.

    I use a Cepstral voice called "William" for my "talking head" tutorials I do for some of my seminars. They are extremely high quality and work great for this application. I went to the System Prefs and activated the Wiliam voice in the Speech control panel.

    Next I launched Audio Hijack which can record the sound from any application and I added TextEdit to the supported applications list and then click "Hijack" This will launch TextEdit. Once the TextEdit window opens, type in the text you want spoken. Move your cursor to the beginning of the text. Go back over to Audio Hijack and click on the Record button (you are now recording "leader" sound.) Go back to TextEdit and go to Edit>Speech>Start Speaking. After the text has spoken wait about a full second and then go back to AudioHijack and click off the record button. The delay of about a second will give you some blank sound at the end of the MP3 so it won't repeat so quickly (which can be REALLY annoying). On your desktop you will find an AudioHijack session aiff file which I fine tune the audio a bit.

    Launch Audacity and drag your aiff file into the edit window and you will see the wave-form of the audio file, the problem I have with the "Stock" audio file is that the sound level is not very high. If you "select all" in the wave-form window and the go to the Effect>Amplify Menu and raise the Amplification by about 12 db and be sure to check allow clipping (at 12 db you won't actually clip the file.) Finally, under the FIle menu choose Export and save your file as a 128bit mp3 and you are done.

    If you need a quick custom mp3 and don't want to hassle with the above drop me a note and I will post one for you.

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