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    I have tried a couple of GPSes in Manhattan and they do not seem to work. Is there any GPS that does work? I might get TomTom if anyone knows that it works.
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    TomTom worked for me while driving, but not while walking. I have a GlobalSat GPS receiver.
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    Tomtom works for me. What ever you get, get one that will take an external antenna.
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    Nothing seems to work while walking in Manhattan south of the 70s.
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    I used to worry about this too, back when I played with my Visor Prism and some of the GPS receivers for it. I was trying to use Vindigo and the GPS unit, which vindigo supported, even back then.

    But when you think about it, how important are GPS units in Manhattan? "I'm on 22nd and 1st, and can't get a reading..." is not a real issue, is it? Maybe in the West Village, where 8th may cross 4th then cross 10th or something...

    But useless or not, I'm getting me one of these keychain GPS units ;->

    Does anyone know if the old Visor GPS software will work with it? I'd rather use Google Maps, but anything that works will help me justify my purchase.
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    Please post here and let us know if it works.
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    I rode in the Five Boro Bike Tour back in May and used an iBlue 747 to datalog my entire route and it had no trouble recording the entire trip. I didn't actually have my 700p on and running TomTom and I hadn't actually looked at the entire route to see how good a job it did until I decided to answer this question.

    I've included my file as a GPX file which you drop into Google Earth to see, but amongst all the buildings it definitely wasn't spot on. While pretty stationary it recorded data points that jumped around quite a bit. Once I got rolling it was better but not perfect in the concrete jungle. Once I hit Central Park and further on, the data points are very accurate.

    Amongst many tall concrete buildings I think the signals do a lot of bouncing, so accuracy isn't as good as when you've got a clear view of the sky. However, I think it'd still be perfectly usable in a car and reasonably usable on foot.
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