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    Not all treos act the same. Keep exchanging til you find a good one.
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    *knocks on wood*

    hardily ever.

    I soft reset my phone once every couple of days myself but it is pretty stable.

    Every once in a while I will get some serious lag or freezing but it doesnt really bother me.

    I currently have installed:
    PTunes Deluxe
    Kimona 4X
    I'm a Pre gal now
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    Very rarely. Most of my resets tend to happen if I've used Opera Mini earlier in the day (especially if I then proceed to use Blazer), or if I'm streaming a podcast with pTunes, then using Opera, THEN using Blazer... i.e., pretty extreme conditions. Otherwise my 755p has been my most solid Treo yet.
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    My first 755 used to reset all the time, until it crapped out and couldnt come out of an access loop , now i got a replacement and its very stable, only sometimes it resets and the cause is Blazer, i dont know what the problem is, but i think some phones are more prone to resets than others for some reason, i got a stable one this time thank god.
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    I can't think of a time when I had to reset my phone from a crash - although I know at least once maybe twice since I bought it when it first came out, it did do a reboot on me which seemed for no reason at all.

    Other than that my phone is rock solid even with all my 3rd party apps. It's the best phone I ever had including some of the warts like sometimes a crackling ring when I dial out to someone - the ring just seems to be crackly - not all the time though - so I don't know if it is the phone - maybe its Sprint's network.
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    I manually reset it every day when I switch my battery. other than that not really.
    I only have a problem w/ MunduIM.
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    what's the system message that tells me what caused the reset??n
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