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    is the palm centro better then the treo 755
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    Updated software features. That's about it.

    Hardware wise, it's a bit of a downgrade. Smaller keyboard, screen, etc.
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    have you read through any of the threads in here noting the differences? Read through them for more info.

    • smaller battery with less talk and standby time.
    • slightly smaller screen, but same res ( I think it should look sharper)
    • half the ram
    • smaller keyboard and different design. will take getting used to and if you have fat fingers you might not adapt.
    • MicroSD slot instead of MiniSD: I think that's a plus as more seem to be going towards MicroSD on the phone front.
    • Has an extra programmable button for customization.
    • Has the deluxe version of pocket tunes.
    • Has a much smaller footprint and is a little thinner than the 755 and is lighter as well.

    The OS is the same. Many if not most of the features and capabilities are the same. It's just a smaller and slightly different design/layout.
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    The biggest issue I see with this would be the battery life as with the 680 - if you have chatter online or even idle with timed sync, there is no way the centro will last half a day - thats not good for the power or even casual email user of which its intended.
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