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    The buttons don't wake up my Treo 700p most of the time. Hardware or software - any ideas? TIA
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    In a signal deprived area (or low signal) or with an application running in the background (ChatterEmail trying to log in to a server, et cetera), these are often causes.

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    Thanks but nope, I'm in Manhattan right now. It's not starting up after sleep 95% of the time; I have to do a soft reset to look at my fricking calendar.

    I've been having really bad luck with Treos recently...
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    By the way, the Treo works fine once it's been soft reset - it's only the waking up that's a problem.
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    Might want to list some of the programs you have. How about Butler?
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    I had the same problem with my first 700p. I never found out what the problem was specifically. One day it went to sleep and I couldn't wake it up. I got a new phone from the Sprint store. Until it went to sleep permanently, Sprint kept trying to blame me saying there was a software problem or that I wasn't locking the phone correctly.
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    Well, the mystery is solved.

    I just bought a new battery, and the Treo has been working perfectly all day. Duh.

    What gave it away is that it started right up while it was being charged, so obviously it had to be power-related.

    Thanks for the suggestions, though. Asking what programs I have installed is the logical approach.

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