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    I will be taking a cruise in Europe tis month, and so far I have been given the following information.

    1. Sprint tells me that the ship I am going on is not listed as one of their ships where my phone will work.

    2. A firm called Seaphone (I think thats the name) lists Sprint as one of the companies that is authorized to use their service ( Sprint told me thy never heard of them)

    3. The steamship company tells me that if my phone can communicate with the satellite it will work.

    My concern is not the cost of the calls, as i only want it for emergency situations, my concern is, Will my 755p work???

    Any help or advice will really be appreciated

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    I would go with what Sprint said, 755s do not connect thru satellites.
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    Eastern Europe has quite a bit of CDMA 2000, as do a few Western European countries.
    But our treo from sprint won't work on it. I certainly would go what sprint says. GSM is what rules Europe.
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    Before you go you probably can rent a phone from Sprint that would work in Europe, and then you just forward your phone to the rental before you leave (it will have an 800 number). I don't know if any phones will work on the ship out at sea unless the cruiseline has an agreement with a provider. Verizon has such an agreement with many cruise lines ( , so they have their own towers that communicate someway from wherever the ship is.
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    You can get a SIM card from Sprint with your number on it and have sprint enable international roaming. Then, provided your CDMA phone is off, you can plug the SIM into any GSM phone and make or receive calls. Granted, these calls are billed at a rather high rate. But it does work.

    This just enables your number on a GSM phone somewhere in GSM land. It does not enable your 755p to work outside of CDMA land. As stated above, most (if not all) of Europe is GSM land.

    I find it best to buy or rent a GSM phone in Europe and get a pay-as-you-go SIM card with a local number. Then I can give that number to the few people that really need to be able to call me. Incoming calls are free, plus I can make reasonably priced local calls. In the few rare cases where I need to receive a call on my sprint number, I just pop in the Sprint SIM card, but I know I'm going to pay for it.
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    Thanks everybody. I did a little more research today and spoke to sprint again.

    I can rent a phone from them for $65.00 and then alll calls to my phone will be transferred to that phone. it will cost me about $1.29 per minute and I think that is the way I will go.

    i will probably use my wifes' phone number fof this as I do not want calls from my clients forwarded. i am just looking to have it for emergency purposes and would only give it to my family and a few key people in my office.

    Again, thanks for your help

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