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    This looks like a very promising receiver. I've been meaning to get a GPS unit for a while, and had my sights on the GPSlim 240, but the m-1200 has about twice the battery life (the manual says 15 hours), gets more satellites, is slightly smaller, and is even a little bit cheaper @ $59.

    I see that a couple people have this here. I'm hoping somebody has used it while on foot. How well does it work?

    Here's some more info, FWIW: I'm a GPS noob, but from little I've read it seems that with MTK units like the Holux m-1200, a function called "static navigation" is either on or off by default, and you can only tell by testing it. If it's "on," then that's not good, at least for all-around use. When SN is on, this essentially means that it's fine for vehicle use, but not very responsive at all when you are walking. (you'd have to walk a while before the unit will acknowledge that you've moved or changed direction) There are reports that you might be able to turn SN off via software, but apparently this is not always successful.

    Bottom line, I'd like to use this in the woods for running and hiking. I'd really just like to know if anyone offer any feedback as to how well it works outside of a car.

    Even if you haven't tried it out of a car yet, I think all you'd need to do is just walk around outside slowly for a few minutes, stopping and changing directions a couple of times. Does your software report that you have started, stopped, and changed direction as it's actually happening, even if you only walk a couple of yards? If it does, then the m-1200 should be good for walking/geocaching/running/hiking etc.


    PS I first read about it here
    This topic is addressed, but the feedback is inconclusive from the users there.
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    Answering my own question...please feel free to chime in with your experiences with this receiver, but apparently although the earlier units had bugs at slower speeds, the newer Holux m-1200's should be fine at walking speeds.

    Technically, there is no such thing as static navigation on MTK chipset.

    Static Navigation is SiRF specific design function. Earlier MTK firmware has some low speeding tracking issue and some people refers to this as Static Navigation. However, this is not the same as Static Navigation filter on SiRF chipset. With SiRF chipset, this is a design feature and can be turned on or off depending on user's preference. On MTK chipset, it is a bug and is fixed with later firmware.

    Starting with firmware V1.92, the low speed tracking issues has been addressed by MTK and has been fixed. As far as we know, any MTK based GPS we shipped after May, 2007 already has the updated firmware. This applies to any MTK chipset based receiver we carry including i-Blue 737/747, Holux M-1000/M-1000B/M-1200, i.Trek M5+, Qstarz BT-Q816/818.

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