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    Sprint and AT&T Centro devices running Palm OS.
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    Really? Centros can't run 4.9?! Ouch.
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    Yeah when you install a 4.9 client onto a Centro it simply white screens. That is the issue that we are having. If we only wanted to say with our 680, 700, 755 we could say on 4.9 but do to support we would like one platform 5.0 or Blackberry .

    GoodGuy do you have anything or anyone else?
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    I setup my Windows Mobile (HTC 3125) phone and there is not slowness with GMM 5.0. So it is truly how Good interacts with the Palm OS. Any one hear of fixes from Good? Version did not fix the issue.
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    We have rolled out Good Mobile Messaging to our clients (~1500) (Palm 680, 700, 755). It has been two weeks since the update was pushed. The biggest complaint has been the slowness of the Palm now.

    It has been hard to sell them that now with the 'upgrade' its designed to be slower because of the added fuctionality. Most of the people would like their back.

    We have opened a ticket with Good. They said they have not see this issue before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snowskiak View Post
    They said they have not see this issue before.
    I call BS on their part. I have talked to a few support reps there, they all know it. And they don't have any insight on how to overcome it, or will they stat it will ever be fixed. 4.9 is our friend for a while I think.
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    Our fear is that they will come out with another release 5.0.3.X. Then we will have to test it against our CRM application and add support/testing costs. The feeling that I have received when talking with other individuals and companies (Gartner conference) is that this should have never been rolled out.

    Our Palm sales rep and engineer are going to look into it. I thought with the Good/Palm agreement they were best of buds, working hand in hand?

    With this release we are now looking to open up our devices to Windows mobile and not running on Palm hardware.
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    GMM got back to us on are open ticket. They said it is scheduled to be fixed with in the next service release out in the June. This is verify frustrating as we will have to now incure another upgrade in 3 months.

    I dont know why Good even released this version for Palm. I am now running WM a Moto Q9H with GMM No issues!

    My suggestion is not to upgrade to 5.0 until that SR comes out in June. Feel free to email me if you would like more information.
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    Havent posted in awhile but I have an update on the slowness with 5.0.3.X or 5.0.4.X. Good has a fix in beta that fixes the slowness problems on the device.
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    With the newest release of it fixes the slowness issue on Palm phones.
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