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    Hello, I got ChatterMail, which almost works flawlessly for me, only one issue which is really important to me. When I receive emails from people, I see them as their email addresses, I would much prefer I see their Full Name like I have it in my contacts.

    The problem is, I don't know any of my contacts email addresses because I have never seen them, I'm use to just having their full name displayed when I receive emails from them in my Mac.

    thank you
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    I am not sure, but I think you need to have that email address attached to a contact in your contact list. Also, you can try toggling view more headers by doing the option H button. In addition, it will matter as to the person sending the email. If their network doesn't encode their name with the email then it is not going to show up. When I setup my corporate email it asks me how I want my name displayed. When I save a contact in my email program it asks me how I want the name displayed. So not sure but try all these things and let us know. Hopefully others will chime in.
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    thank you very much for your reply, unfortunately none of what you mentioned fixed it.

    The thing is, I just switched from BlackBerry, and I was used to having people's name appear, regardless of what they set their display name, I see the sender's name as I set it in my address book, which is what I appreciate very much. I have a nice long list of people who frequently spam me, so I add them all into my contacts list, all under one name "Crap" so whenever I get an Email from one these addresses, it just appears as "Crap" in my inbox. Regardless of what they set their display names to be, this was very very helpful. This is all I'm hopping ChatterMail has, everything else seems perfect

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