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    I'm not being sarcastic at all. I love the Treo. I got one of the first 650's back in Oct '04. I've gone through every change and tried almost every new 3rd party app. I was a power user to be sure and had my 7sop working perfectly for me.

    But last week I did something rather impulsively. I changed over to the iPhone sight unseen. I've been on cloud nine ever since. See, I'm not one to let a thing like a slow data network and no copy and paste get in the way of a good experience. And boy has it been a great experience. After a week, the Treo seems foreign to me, it's that different.

    Anyway, it's been a pleasure sharing ideas about the Treo and I do hope that the Treo continues on the right path for you all.

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    thats weird, I was just looking at the Blackberry Curve with T-mobile and it looks extremely appealing......

    if not for my SERO 30 bucks a month, I would be more prone to jumping ship...
    I'm a Pre gal now
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    My husband and sons did the same thing....27 days later the iphones were on ebay and they were back to moguls with Sprint...I think their reasons were that my sons really like tweaking their phones so that was a problem, the slow internet and the wow factor just wore off for my sons ....My husband just kind of followed his sons but really isnt a phone geek so he came back because my sons didnt want them anymore. The phones all sold for $400 each so we ended up even.

    I really like the iphone but since I have nails I didnt move my line when my husband called to find out if I wanted a 4 gb or 8 gb...I am glad I kept my awesome retention 5 line plan...
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    I dont understand how a self described "power user" can prefer a iphone over a treo... trading functionality for a cool looks & a slick gui just wouldn't work for me... theres just too many things I do with my treo that a iphone can't do... but hey, to each his own
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    I'm a power user and huge fan of the Treos. However, I've been quite frustrated with the 755p. It's slower, buggier, incompatible, and has lackluster improvements over the 650.

    Palm has not really upgraded their OS for 5+ years - yet going from the 650 to the 755p caused me to have to pay $$ to upgrade software that no longer worked!

    The functionality of the Windows Mobile device and the fluidity of the iPhone OS is really making Palm look weak. I hope they improve their OS!

    Any thoughts?
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    There is nothing the iphone can do over the treo.. god I wish people would quit saying that when its completely not true. Plus why didn't you look into program compatability before switching phones? Seems to be be more your fault then palms. Windows mobile is nice but not as much software as for palm that I like.
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    After having every CDMA TREO since the 300 i have come to the point of fustration, the resets,the lags, are just becoming unbearable, and recently just having my 755 completely die, just because i was using bluetooh, and having to get a new one, its come to a breaking point.
    I love the Treo's form factor and its going to be the hardest thing to let go, but im really looking to move to a Mogul, or at least a WM Treo. Palm OS its just too much to deal with after all these years.
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    I loved my 650, but it is so nice having voice dialing through bluetooth on the new Q. Treo is a pda first phone second IMHO.
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    I hear what your saying about the Treo being a pda 1st phone second, i could care less about BT and phone capabilities on the Treo , but the problem is this they cant seem to even get the PDA part to be stable.

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