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    Is there a way to record some of my important voicemails in the voice memo??...

    Thanks in advance
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    I use CallRec for that, myself.
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    I am sorry if I am sounding cheap. But 20 $ is a lot of money. I am trying t record some of the messages that my great grand parents have left for me. I know if going to gt deleted automatically after 15 days by the AT & T....

    Is there any other way I can do this...

    Thanks in advance
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    put your phone on speaker and record into a tape recorder. Of course, you need to have a tape recorder for that. (I still have a couple.)
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    Dial your voicemail on speakerphone, start message - press home key - select voice memo app and press record button on screen.

    Call Rec is a way better solution to be honest
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    Try this one (freeware). It works as a DA (so you need a da launcher in addition)

    DaVoiceMemo records with the internal microfon, so you'll have to put the call on the speaker in a silent environment ...
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    I'm loving CallRec gang!

    Thanks for the heads up. Wish I'd had it a couple of months ago!!!

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