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    Are there any of the navigation/mapping setups that include topographical maps for Palm OS? Seems like a bunch can give street directions and urban areas, but anything that offers middle-of-nowhere mapping?

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    Outdoor Navigator
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    Outdoor Navigator
    Doesn't look like Maptech makes this anymore - just a Pocket PC version. I'll check and see if I can find it around - looks like the last stuff was from around 2005????
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    You could try Fugawi but I think it is terrible. It does well for walking, but for boating not so much. There is also Pathaway, but it also is for walking. I wish there was a GPS program for the Palm OSt hat integrated into a main PC app like Pocket Navigator(formerly Outdoor Navigator) does with Memory-Map. If any of you folks got any ideas please let us know. I personally would like to use the GPS topos for the boat.

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