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    Ok, I have been using gmail and chatteremail for some time. No probelms until recently. It quits downloading my email as of April this year. I have checked and rechecked all my gmail and chatteremail settings. I have uninstalled and re-installed the software. It does it for my phone and my wife's treo 755p. Weird. I have tried the forum at chatteremail and they have not been able to solve it. Please help!!
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    if everything is correct and you have POP enabled, try putting

    recent: infront of your name.

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    the recent: thing worked for me...
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    I am not sure where you want me to put the word recent? where in gmail??? thanks for trying to help me!
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    In the account definition screen, login name: recent:your email address minus the .gmail ------ recent:dogfood
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    that worked! Thanks! Now how do I get my older mail? I already checked the box on chatteremail to get older mail, but it is only retrieving the last month's worth. thanks im advance!
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    There is a setting on the gMail site: Settings - Forwarding & POP - enable forwarding then the 1st option.

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    I did that and it still only sends the last month of mail. Any other thoughts?

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