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    Here's a list of 25 programs on my 755p that have worked well and make the device easy and quick for my needs. I also geeked out with a list of my quicklaunch keys using Butler.

    1. AIPro- great for viewing work faxes (and yes, I supported the Foleo, which could’ve made this unnecessary).
    2. Audible- 3.0.1- this works great, and Audible Air makes book listening un-tethered.
    3. Audio Gateway- Necessary and flawless for me. If you want to use stereo Bluetooth…well, Palm should hire these guys.
    4. BackupBuddy VFS- When you need it, you appreciate it’s thoroughness. Makes the Palm work for extended periods independent of sync…I like the checkpoint feature.
    5. Butler- Keylauncher function makes an extra launcher program nearly unnecessary- multitasking with forward and back volume key navigation. I’d stay away from the Remote Lock function.
    6. Documents to Go 10- hmm… Well, the good is it doesn’t crash anymore but I felt pressured into purchasing so I could integrate with Vista/Office 2007. Unless you need it for work as I did, wait until they can bundle properly.
    7. eReader- still good for reading. I stick with an older version that lets me pick themes.
    8. Genius- Quick access, for me at the Q key, makes this a must. Palm should have something like this as part of the next OS.
    9. GoogleMaps- bundled with the 755, but mentioned here because it is just so awesome. I’ve held off on getting GPS because this is close enough and easy.
    10. HandZipper Lite.
    11. Kinoma Player 4- allows viewing of streamed video but the mp3 feature doesn’t match pTunes.
    12. MiniTones- nice for chopping songs into ringtones and it’s free.
    13. UltraSoft Money- truly necessary when away from home and not wanting a wallet full of receipts.
    14. PdaNet- This one speaks for itself. My biggest concern over the defunct Foleo was whether it would keep the utility this has provided when stuck in a hotel with no broadband!
    15. pFuel- free and a useful trend tracker for fuel.
    16. Plucker- works great converting large files to viewable format. More seamless than eReader or DocsToGo.
    17. pTunes- still the best, and I like streaming when on a run.
    18. Reset Doctor- control over resets. I found it useful as a companion to Butler.
    19. SnapperMail- Still better than VersaMail, but VersaMail is almost there. If I didn’t already have this from the Treo 600 days, I wound not have bought it.
    20. Softick Cache- Better for the 700p, since the 755p seems to have largely addressed the NVFS memory issue. Still, it does make for less lag, and it eliminated skipping on Audible files coming from the SD card. As for preferences, my usage-based recommendations are: 6Mb cache, keep the read-ahead at 8 sectors.
    21. SplashID- I had the free forerunner Acctmgr for years, but the interface on this is much better when using SplashID Desktop.
    22. Phone Technician- I love being able to stay in a program while on the phone. This is a Bluetooth essential.
    23. Workout Tracker- still the standard for workout programs IMHO.
    24. Xiino- I wish these guys would update to tabbed browsers. Still it is the fastest, most stable browser I’ve found for reading text. One other thing: the ‘Cruise’ function makes using an rss reader unnecessary for me. The sites I want to update before going off network (such as for a 2-3 hr airline) can all be updated in minutes.
    25. ZLauncher with ZL Manager- It has a great file manager, and if you forget a quick-launch, you can quickly find by typing the first letter or two of the program. Plus I like the themes.. If only it had the option of making a tab of contacts like the Initiate Launcher. Incidentally, I gave up on Initiate because it was just too buggy and causing crashes.

    Here is my keylauncher setup. I like the most used on higher rows...
    Green (Alt): Audio Gateway
    Red (Alt): Preferences
    Phone (Alt): Memos
    Calendar (Alt): Tasks
    Email(Alt): Airline Pilots Daily Logbook (I’m a pilot)
    Home: ZLauncher;(Alt): Documents To Go
    Q: Genius!
    W: Web Blazer
    E: Voicemail
    R: Contacts
    T: Instant Messaging
    Y: Butler
    U: Phone Technician
    I: PDANet
    O: Bluetooth
    P: Pockettunes
    D: SplashID
    F: Pfuel
    G: Google Maps
    K: Kinomo Player
    Z: Sprint TV
    X: Xiino
    C: Messaging and Chat
    V: Camera and Video
    M: UltraSoft Money
    Sprint Franken-Pre 2
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    Which versions of PdaNet, ZLauncher and Snappermail are you running on your 755?
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    Why do you recommend not using the remote lock feature in Butler?


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    "Which versions of PdaNet, ZLauncher and Snappermail are you running on your 755?"
    PDAnet- 4.10
    ZLauncher- 5.44
    I believe they're all pretty much the latest versions.

    "Why do you recommend not using the remote lock feature in Butler?"

    It caused problems with resetting my Palm and caused me to lose settings. It just wasn't worth that bother to me. Other people might have better luck with it...
    Sprint Franken-Pre 2

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