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    What is the best software for a wake up alarm?

    I need something that lets out more than a couple beeps. Something that keeps playing till I turn it off.
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    I use TreoAlarm - alarm functions are free. You can even schedule your radio on/off. Stable on 700 & 755. I'm sure several people will give input. Also do a search for 'alarm' in this forum - this topic is widely discussed.
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    I use Butler for my alarms, it also allows you to use mp3's.
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    Thanks! I will do a search. I should have thought of that :-0
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    I use Butler as well, but also have Palmary clock wireless. Both work well.
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    I've downloaded and tried TreoAlarm. Looks good! I'm hoping the weather download doesn't cause some kind of freeze, so I'm testing it out. What a cool feature!

    I'll also check out the other titles tomorrow and do a search of the archives. Thanks guys!
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    Quote Originally Posted by khakiman View Post
    I use Butler for my alarms, it also allows you to use mp3's.

    I recently changed from Butler alarms because my phone would freeze on the charger with Butler as my alarm and I would have to reset every morning. So I testing treoalarms

    FYI On the 755p if you sent the aac music clip to the phone using an uploader and filez to remove the copy/protected attribute then Treo Alarms will use the file.
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    Mobile Clock. Flawless.

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