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    Is there a program I can use to migrate all the settings on my old 700p to my new 755p? I don't usually hotsync often and I just tried and it keeps freezing on my old 700p when it gets to tasks. So I was wondering if there was a program (or what people think would be the best program) to do this.

    Thanks in advance.
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    its usally better if you can hotsync the data only to avoid any minor issues you might have from the 700p. It might be worth it to sync everything except the tasks so you can transfer it all to the 755 and then beam the tasks by category to the 755.

    With that said, nvbackup is a free backup program that will allow you to do this transfer with sd cards.
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    Ok, thank. I will try that.

    So after I hotsync the 700p what do I do to transfer all of the information to the 755p?

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    install the hotsync software for the 755 and sync
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    I think that most would advocate that you do not just Hotsync to update to a newer model. The advice on going from 600 to 650 in the following thread is equally applicable for 700 to 755 as it also was for 650 to 680.
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    When I switched from the 700p to the 755p, sprint promised me they could just take all my info and application and transfer it to my new phone and I'd never know th difference. NOT!!! What a mess!

    I finally managed to get a laptop, pda net, and started accessing groups like this and learned how to clean up their mess.

    With any type of computer, wiping the hard drive clean and starting over occasionally is a good idea. A lot of work, but things run better. Well at least for me :-) I am HARD on computers! A little too bold and experimental :-)

    I'd think now would be a good time to start fresh. But this is advice from someone who knows just enough to be dangerous. Others here know so much more than I do.

    Just think twice about letting the tech people at Sprint do it for you! :-( My local Sprint people have been very good to me, helping me through my first baby steps with a treo and had no laptop. They really went out of their way to help...but...well...they messed my phone up a few times and now I trust myself more than them, except for hardware.
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    Use a backup program like backup manager or nv backup.. using one of these type programs with backup everything 100% when you get the 755p just do a restore and it will be like nothing happend everything will be back the way it was on the old phone you won't even be able to tell you did a restore

    Also hotsync doesn't always backup everything. It also doesn't keep certain settings like category information that you setup for programs .. where as the backup software keeps everything identical.
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    I used NVBackup. I decided NOT to do a "Restore All", but carefully selected certain items. The last thing I need was to overwrite a 755 OS file with a 700 file. I successfully moved the DB files for contacts, tasks, and the calendar. Once I did that, I performed another backup naming it "755PwithCTC". And then proceeded to move each app over one by one.

    When I did a "Full Restore", it sent the phone into a infinite startup loop. I ended up pulling the battery and doing a HARD reset, and did what I described above.

    Keep in mind that the memory cards for both devices are DIFFERENT (SD versus miniSD).
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