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    I have had this problem over two different Treos (Verizon 700p) and Sprint 755p).....that beta 2 makes the whole treo crash....... I took it off and did a hard reset and narrowed it down to Opera because all of my other 3rd party apps work fine.........

    has anyone else had these problems with Opera Mini beta 2?
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    I had the same issues too.
    Tried to adjust the memory and other items to make it work, but to no avail. opera looks nice and sexy but that's all. Locked up every other 2min.
    Even though our blazer browser is an antique piece of software it still is faster than any other browser out there. At least almost no lock ups.
    My experience has shown only to visit websites which are set up for mobile browsers. Other ones can be a nightmare to visit and I know this has nothing to do with blazer it's just the fact of the small screen.
    If you visit the forum of opera you wl see that there is no palm support. Maybe someone else out there knows more than us.

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