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    I got mine a few days ago, I was able to get the case on with the help of the youtube video. But now the phone doesn't work properly, most of the buttons are not responding. It also didn't come with the small covers for the back that go over the antanna screw and the other one, so I have a black case with two grey spots on the back. Also, the keypad is missing the green phone button, so I'll have to get a new one of those. To compound the issue, a day or two before the case arrived, my screen developed a nice looking feather across it so now I need to get a new screen, but not if I can't get the phone to work. I'm going to take it apart and put it back together and see if I can get it to work. Aside from those issues, it looks FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!!!!! It's like getting a totally new phone as far as looks go! If I can get everything all sorted out, it will be great! I also have the small black antenna to go along with it, and that makes it look extra nice. I'll let you guys know how the whole thing sorts out soon.
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    Pictures Please!!!!
    Thank You In Advance!!!!!!!!
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    I didn't get mine yet. Got mad at the seller on eBay because they listed the case as being shipped form the US (IL) but then told me it ships from Hong Kong.
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    Is it easy to replace the housing and what tools do you need? Mine has a couple of scratches on it that spoil its appearance.
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    You need a Torx #5 screwdriver and be gentle. There are instructions on the internet somewhere. Google them.
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    hey, new here but a coupla weeks ago i did the black tie edition (aftermarket ebay box, not the full black faceplate shown above, atho that looks nice) and the shortie antenna and its great. the antenna is a shinier black than the matte finish case but its short and works fine. i have the pimped treo and even my kid and his 14 y.o buddies are impressed: "you took it apart???" still has some well known 650 issues, crashing and all but im good until the 755 comes from vzw...should be soon but ill wait a month or two. where can i get the full black face plate? and yes the grey plugs are grey...been playing with a number of perma markers to black them to no avail. its a hobby and my phone and my connection to friends and my company's exchange server. all in all, perhaps the best collection of ideas in a pda, given network speed limits and all the odditied we put up with from all our devices. touchscreen is the difference maker for me...Ill stay with palm as far as i can go, its the old mac rebel in me.

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    I recieved mine yesterday.

    It is not an original Black Tie housing for sure. It looks like a repainted housing and although the painting is good it is not original.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zoti View Post
    I recieved mine yesterday.

    It is not an original Black Tie housing for sure. It looks like a repainted housing and although the painting is good it is not original.
    Hi zoti, can u post some pic of the repainted "blacktie" for us. thanks.
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    Here you go. You can see the painting on the image where I took the battery door off. I bet the real Black Tie is all black inside as well. It does have a nice rubbery touch to it. We'll see how long this lasts.
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    Hey Zolti,

    The keyboard still looks Blue and White ...I thought the Black Tie keyboard was Black and White...which housing did you buy as there seems to be a few on ebay...

    Treo 600 & 650 / Cingular
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    I clearly stated that this is not an original Black Tie case. The seller did advertise it as one but it isn't.
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    Its still a very cool looking phone. congrads
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    Quote Originally Posted by rkub View Post
    So does anyone have either 1 of these housings? Really thinking about buying 1 if the quality isn't too bad...
    I bought the all-black one and love it!
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    Some very helpful hints here but that just makes it more the difficult to find a true Black Tie edition. I saw this which pictures two different housings to make it even harder to distinguish which one is being offered.
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    well I finally received mine and installed it. It took 5 times to get the phone to work correctly. first time the lcd didnt work so I checked the ribbon. 2nd time the touch screen didnt work so I pulled the ribbon and reinstalled. 3rd time the buttons didnt work correctly as it would get stuck so I checked that ribbon and pulled it and put it back. 4th time the buttons worked sometimes and the side button was not working properly. I figured that the actually button was pushing the internal button and locking all the other keys. so I got a razor and trimmed the button on the inside. Fixed.

    The phone looks great! the paint is rubbery feeling and I like it alot. Only wish that the keys were black to match and also the back two rubber peices were black since there are two grey spots on the phone. The quality is decent as well. shipping took 10 days but it was worth it to get my beat up phone looking new.
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    I just got my brothers old palm treo 650 for sprint, and wanted to get this pimpin black housin too, but they all say GSM on ebay, you think it would work with CDMA version also or no? the dudes on ebay won't respond...
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    I just got mine too. Took 9 days which is good. Packaging was good (but could have been better). Took me 3 times to get it right. You need to ensure that the keypad lays perfectly flat with all keys protruding through the template; d-pad too. Same problem with a single key sticking causing all other keys to be ignored. Only gripe is that both the stylus and sim tray are very difficult to insert and remove. This may be due to the additional thickness from the black paint.
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    Well having used the new case for some weeks now I can only say that I am disappointed. I have had to leave the stylus sticking out which looks stupid. Then the side button started to stick (first time in weeks) so I had to pull out the sim to put into another phone. Doing this was painful as I nearly lost my fingernail. Eventually I had to use a small coin and now the pain has flaked off. All the corners seem to have paint missing now and I treat my phone with care at all times. Seems the paint quality is lacking. Anyway, I'm going back to the original casing lesson learnt.
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