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    Help - I've become addicted to slingbox....& my trial period apparently ended today.

    Every day for the last 30 days I got a reminder to register & tried to do so...& did research & all I found said no codes were for sale yet & that it would just keep being available after the 30 days.

    Well -not true. Apparently the registration codes became available recently...BUT I can't seem to find out how to buy one.

    I've searched the web & called for phone luck. Can anyone help??

    I'm on the road without my personal pc....& therefore can't hot synch...hoping I can find a way to buy this code...hopefully by phone & get going again.
  2. #2 the phone number to call.i agree that they do make it very confusing to figure out how to purchase the code.good luck,i think this number will help
  3.    #3 that was quick...really appreciated.
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    Why not just got to their website and purchase the product? That's what I did.
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    if you read his original post he states that he is traveling and does not have access to a PC.I realize it can be done using the Treo/Blazer but if you have ever tried to navigate that website on ur Treo you will realize that like the OP said,its very confusing and not real clear how to purchase the code
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    I don't see on their web site how to purchase the Palm OS sling client (only how to download the 30 day trial).
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    If you go to their site from Blazer, it'll take you to the stripped down mobile site, and I didn't notice any way to prevent that from happening. It seems you have to go to their site from a full browser, which then has a tab for "BUY" that is separate from the tab for "DOWNLOAD".

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