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    I first came across this problem months ago: when receiving a beamed memo, instead of receiving it into "Memos" like it used to, my 700p would ask only if I wanted it to go into "Documents" (Docs to Go). It's not hard to figure out what the culprit was.

    I tried and tried to correct this, looking through every single setting in DTG, but there was no setting that would allow me to change this back. When I came across various other problems some time later on and had to reload my Treo with a hard reset, I kept this in mind. On the fresh Treo, when I ran Docs to Go for the first time, after the EULA it asked me what files I wanted DTG to be the default handler for: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and/or Text. This time, I left Text unchecked and never ran into a memo being received anywhere other than Memos - just like I prefer.

    Well, I just received a new 755 to replace my 700 and somewhere in the excitement of setting it up I completely forgot to change that and here I am with Memos being received into Documents To Go, and only DTG, again.

    I hate that blasted software with a passion now. I have been searching the web for days and spent the last few with an older Treo trying everything to figure out how to reset that setting. I know for sure that you cannot change it within the program, itself. I even used FileZ to check for any new files created after running DTG for the first time and attempted to delete those in order to restore the default settings again... but DTG won't let go! Insane.

    Does anyone know of any method of letting me change this back? I thought it'd be as simple as changing a setting in the program, but no. There are no support documents, either. The only file I can seem to delete to get the default handler settings back is Saved_Preferences, but that will make me lose everything. I wish I could open up the Saved_Prefs prc and tweak it but I can't. Anyone have any ideas?
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    I know that Resco Explorer allows you to manage associations from within it's Control Panel. Not sure how to do this otherwise.
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    The Dataviz Tech Tool will allow you to do what you want, but doing so deletes ALL Docs2Go settings except your registration (if you registered it).

    To do this, download the Dataviz Tech Tool here. Then from the options menu select Advanced Options > Delete Preferences. Then, from Advanced Options > Delete Database.

    This will restore Docs2Go back to it's initial (unconfigured) state, allowing you to set the document type assocations as you wish, just as when it was new or freshly hard reset. You will lose the preferences and document database list for Docs2Go, but your other Palm preferences and databases will remain intact.

    Post back if you have any questions.


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