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    Am I seeing this right, that the AT&T version will have a music store included?

    If so, that and PTT make it a very attractive option.
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    Just FYI. I have the Master Launch Deck for the Centro. I guess that's what they call the sales info sheet for the employees. It was released to them on the 30th. It says it's a Sprint exclusive for 90 days. So I'd say look for it on ATT in the latter part of January.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tama2112 View Post
    What about stinkin Verizon??! We still only have the 700's!
    VZ has always been real slow at getting the latest new phones!
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    I was playing around on the ATT website a couple days ago, looking at the fun media stuff they offer, and when I went to click the make & model of my phone to see if it was compatible, I selected Palm first, then the next drop down only showed 1 model that was compatible, and it said CENTRO.

    Maybe they are gearing up for it already??? I just thought it was odd that a model that they don't currently carry, was on a compatibility list on their website.

    It will be great if they offer it out soon, I think they would definatley get alot of buyers.
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