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    What apps have you tried that would have been great if they just fixed a few issues? My favourite 'not-quite-good-enough' app is:

    moepaint - this little mini-photoshop is pretty amazing, especially considering its freeware. Unfortunately you can't export pics as jpegs so you end up with massive BMPs instead. Also you can't import jpegs either so the potential to edit photos taken with the Treo's camera is lost. This alone was enough to ensure it got deleted (after a little play or two)
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    Well...I may have rocks thrown at me here, but here are my two entries:

    1) DialByPhoto (now UltimatePhone)

    2) TakePhone

    Don't get me wrong...they are both incredible applications that significantly improve the standard Treo phone program...but they both have enough annoyances that I find myself constantly switching between them...and often going back to the standard dialer program. I've bought licenses for them both..and the developers deserve the cash...but I get frustrated with each of them often enough that I have lost count of how many times I have unmapped each from my "phone key".

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    Needs Work:
    Voicedialing software- Too bloated and takes longer than using speed/ favorite dialing.

    Being Picky:
    Phone Technician- Great, but using it for sms tones is an issue because it will play the tone for both outgoing and incoming messages.

    Phonedisconnect- if only you didn't have to hit the power button fifty times to turn off reminders.

    Dataviz Docs to Go- If you store apps on card, everytime you exit the program you have to use the tech tool to put files back on card.
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    Large grid display of calendar which can be panned with stylus. Good concept which needed a bit more development.
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    I gotta say it, TodayPLUS GT. It was missing improved one handed support, ability to list how many unread emails and to acess them with your default email app, how many unread sms, missed calls, etc. It was such a beatiful Today screen.
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    xChangeSync from Moxsi. Great program but it just kind faded away. Every app from Ludus. Most of the apps worked but promised enhancements and fixes became vaporware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by twitch3 View Post
    xChangeSync from Moxsi. Great program but it just kind faded away.
    yes xweather from moxsi's a bit like that too, lots of promises re improvements (most particularly, international support) that were part of the reason I decided to pay up, but nothing looks like it will ever eventuate.


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    TreoAlarm.. When it didn't soft reset right as it was about to give an alarm, it mostly worked... Well, the weather didn't update often, but the alarm usually worked.

    I'll have to say Documents to Go as well.. 7, 8, 9... Whatever. Takes forever to find new files and it seems like it crashes as often as it works. And often it loses the file entirely when it crashes.
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    Great app. but development came to an abrupt end. I still use it but it had so much more potential...
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    4Info, which is the client front end to the web portal.

    This could have been so good with some cleaning up and by improving performance a little. The web site is still going forward, as far as I can tell, but the client software now reports support for it's use will be discontinued after October 15th.

    Such a shame
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    WordSmith - a once great word processor, but improvements stopped years ago. Have since switched to DTG.
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    TreoGuard - best utility for turning off screen while on call and then some. Better in price and features than PhoneTechnician. Very stable on 600 and excellent support. But alas, the developer went AWOL and support for recent Treos stopped.
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    and the one that I just found, TreoSpot.
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    The regular text messaging in my Treo 650 got somewhat boring. I was hoping PictureSMS would have spiced it up a bit. I could never get someone's picture to display when they texted me, plus it had other minor bugs in in. So I deleted it. Now, they've made several upgrades and improvements I wanted to try it again but my trial period has expired and I can't. Oh well, I thought it had promise but now I'll never know.

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    City ID

    Great app, but they stopped updating it and selling to individuals in favor of selling to carriers and letting them charge a $1.99/month for the "privilege" of letting you see the city/state your party was calling from. I guess from a business perspective, it makes more sense but it was nice having the app with no recurring fees.

    Another post-mortum for Vindigo. No development past 2004....sad. I thought it was a great product for $24.95/yr.
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    Yeah, TreoGuard was a good app.

    I'm surprised no one mentioned Aeroplayer. Great mp3 program with potential that has pretty much died.

    AutoBuddy had a lot of potential.

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