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    I havent turned on my Treo 600 in years, so this weekend I found it in a drawer charged it and turned it on but i keep on getting the following message "Use stylus to tap center of target". I tap and tap the center but all that happens is that it moves from the lower right corner to the upper left. And a please try again message. Does anyone know how to resolve this? thanks
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    did you try a soft or hard reset?
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    Same problem.

    Did a hard reset.

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    If I understand this correctly, you hit the first bulls eye and all it does is move from the lower right and then to the upper left corner?

    Did you hit all three in its own center because the software expects you to do that for alignment purposes?
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    I did that. I can do it over and over again. It does not matter.
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    Had the same problem here. Did a system reset (Hold the Up arrow after doing a pin reset). Then, did a soft reset again (because I couldn't turn wireless mode on). Solved my problem.

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