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    I've got an oldish, and non-software updated Treo 650. I'm going to Europe Friday and want to be able to use the phone. I've turned on international roaming with AT&T/Cingular my carrier, but last time I went to Europe, in May, I couldn't get the phone to work, (but it did the time before that, in December 05)

    I am hoping that my easiest solution is to buy a sim card in Europe and pop it into the Treo. At least that's what I have read. Is it really that simple? (I'm more worried that the reason the phone did not work in May is an outdated software issue, but I can't find my cables to update).

    Or am I better off buying a cheap phone there and using that for three weeks? I've no idea--can any experienced Euro travellers help me?
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    Using another carrier's SIM will only work if you've had the phone unlocked.
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    Thanks, Bill. Of course. Doh.

    What about buying phones over there? I hear they are sold as almost disposable--but I don't know. I'm starting in Zurich, Switerland, and going to Italy.
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    I don't know about disposable LOL.
    You can pick up some very cheap phones on PAYG but they are totally lower level, but if it is only for voice and text, why not!

    Your best bet is to pick a carrier from the country that is most important to your travels (most Palms have a selection of different carriers names within the network selection pref panel) and visit the carriers web site.

    If you are stopping over in several countries, the roaming price with a European SIM card, is 59 centimos to make, and 29 to recieve calls.

    Have a great trip

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