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    What a great improvement over past versions. I really like the new interface and functionality, especially the RSS feeds, security and the email attachment options (to name a few). Nice work Good.


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    Glad you like the update. Thanks for the feedback,
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    I can't wait! Is the server upgrade pretty painless? Any major gotchas? (I have not read the guides yet - but will).
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    Server upgrade is very painless. Just run the exe, follow the prompts... I upgraded our server in about 2 minutes.

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    Read the release notes, admin docs, etc.

    Upgraded the server to 5 last night. Tons of reports of users have sync issues today.

    I upgraded 1 handheld to the 5.0 client (mine - 755p). THE 5.0 CLIENT IS PAINFULLY SLOW!!!!!!

    Turned off RSS support, that helped A LOT, but it's STILL SLOWER than 4.9

    I can't stand delays after I push buttons! If these problems don't' resolve soon, I am certainly going to open a ticket with support.
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    I am running a 750 with the leaked ATT WM6 ROM and also notice it is slower now than 4.9. However, the decrease in speed while noticable is not annoying. And I will take it for the tradeoff (assuming my IT dept. enables attachments and the native contacts issue I am having gets worked out).

    RSS feeds don't seem to slow me down in the least but I also am in virutally constant UMTS locations and the H(SDPA) icon is regularly indicating transmission.

    I noticed it got slower when I enabled word completion (from the windows menu in case any of you are wondering) and if speed is an issue for any of you I would say certainly turn that off--I still can't decide if I like that or not. It sort of doubles as a much needed spell checker (still can't believe they didn't include that but in Good's defense it does automatically fix quite a few.

    Calendaring function is nicely improved and more resembles my desktop outlook and if my colleagues use their calendar I should in theory be able to schedule a meeting that works with their schedule.

    What's with the little blue star that appears next to some emails? Are these people in my database?

    Another quirky change is that on 4.9 if I started to compose an email then decided to stop I just hit the "ok" key and I believe discard was the shaded option. Now the when I hit "ok" I get "send", "save" or "cancel". Funny how you forget how it used to work but I don't believe I had to hit the "menu" soft key, then select "cancel compose" from the drop down menu, then select "discard"--can anyone confirm I am not already forgetting the way it used to work?

    All in all I like the upgrade thus far, but it I would say the RAM on the 750 is the minimum and the data requirements if you enable RSS might necessitate good connectivity and HSDPA bandwidth. Kind of reminds me of the old days when you would upgrade a microsoft app to one with more bells and whistles then realize you needed to open your computer and install some more RAM--too bad this is not an option on a Treo because I would do it. I doubt it need more processing speed but RAM would likely help the Treo to "do more".
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    Thanks for the feedback.

    An issue with a spell checker, I would think, would be the space required on the device for a dictionary.

    As for the compose issue you are referring to, I think you are right regarding the "old" way as I recall when I first got 5.0, I noticed the change as well.

    The blue star you are seeing are determined in the priority mail options that are in the mail preferences. This allows you to set up priority senders, mailing lists, etc.

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