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    Been having a lot of problems with my 700p for the last few months.
    Few months back it all of a sudden stopped recieving text messages. Shortly after that it decided that it would suddenly reset itself 10x+ a day. Also internet use on it was shady as well.

    Then lastnight it went crazy. It froze up. I took the battery out and put it back in. Now everytime the battery is in it starts up to the access window, then turns off. Then turns on to the access window then off. It does this non-stop. Even if it's hooked up to the charger and there is no battery connected?


    I have not downloaded anything ever onto this phone.
    I've had it about 5 months from sprint. I do have the phone insurance.
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    as of now it is completely inoperable!
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    I assume you have tried the following:

    1. A Soft Reset,(if that doesn't work)
    2. Leaving the Battery out for 5 minutes then, put it back in (if. . .)
    3. A Hard Reset (if . . .)
    4. A System Reset

    If it continues to freeze after a system reset with nothing loaded -- then I would head to the Sprint Store.

    If you can get back into it -- I would try a clean install:
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    Perry if you dont mind, can you please tell me/us how to do a system reset on the 700?
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    A hard reset is really all you need to start with at this point. After executing a hard reset, run the device for a couple of days - if it works, it is a software problem; if it does not work, visit the dealer.

    Once you determine it is ok, then install your applications one at a time. I suggest starting with an installation monitoring application. The best out there is Uninstall Manager -

    I also suggest a good device based backup program.

    After that, make sure all of your applications are the latest releases and then do it one at a time - wait a day or so to see if there are any problems.

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