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    hello everyone, got a Treo 680 today, and I really love it, it's so fast without much lag. I'm looking for an SD card, I'm looking for the biggest capacity that won't be slow or unreliable. I basically rarely ever exceed a few hundred megabytes, but knowing I have 1-4 gigs of space is comfort I'm willing to pay a little extra for, but more important is the stable and snappy characteristics of my Treo are not compromised. At the moment I'm looking at this card on amazon RIGHT HERE

    is this something I can easily format and use in my phone? I don't want to have to hack something or install some kind of software that would allow it to work, I just want standard out of the box operation. Thank you so much
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    I'm going to make this real cheap, real simple, and real stable for ya. Go to and buy the Transcend 8GB Class 6 SDHC card and the little $5 SDHC/USB reader to go with it. You'll be out about $70-75 shipped.

    This card is bulletproof on the 680, as many like myself report. Class 6 is fast and the card works flawlessly. The only issue that you'll see is that Frankengarnet 5.4.9 on your Treo cannot tell you how large the card is. Fear not, it will use every square inch perfectly.

    You can go another route, but this one has been proven over and over and over. Also, don't waste one second on a software solution for transferring data to your new SDHC card. Just spend the $5 for the USB reader and you'll be rewarded with lightening fast data transfer that is solid and stable.

    That's my $.02 :-)
    Patrick Horne
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    do your have the VFSmark benchmark details on this Transcend card?
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    Quote Originally Posted by i1fang View Post
    do your have the VFSmark benchmark details on this Transcend card?
    No. My geek meter won't go that high.

    I also have a 40x 1GB SD, and I cannot tell any difference in transfer speeds via the SD reader with the naked eye. Now, I'm sure the SD is somewhat faster than the SDHC somewhere in the numbers, but like I said it's not noticeable to me.

    Most importantly, absolutely nothing negative occurs on the 680. From .avi movies, to MP3 playback, to .wav recording, to video recording, to photos, etc etc. It's performance is excellent and cannot be distinguished from a high-speed SD card. To me, that was the concern.
    Patrick Horne

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