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    I have been experiencing power vision data connection problem at home with my 755p. The data connection would disconnect and then reconnect again right away. This was happening several times a day and was really getting on my nerve. I finally called sprint tech support and they updated my PRL Rev to 60610 about two days ago. So far, no more data connection drops.

    I live in an area where Sprint recently rolled out its EVDO service. If you have been experiencing similar issues, call sprint tech support and have them update your PRL.
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    I've had the PRL update for a long time and i still spend half of my day waiting to connect to powervision...

    What can i do... I've tried everything...
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    Try going to the data screen by typing #3282 and then try re-provisioning the power vision.
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    The 755p suffers from dropping the network. It will take a patch from Palm to fix it. There is ways to slow the dropouts down, but still no cure for it.
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    i've reprovisioned a bunch of times...

    wanna know somthing funny... I got one of the first 755p's when they came out... The screen broke on that one so I had to get the one I have now... the first one I had did not have any of these troubles with the network...

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