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    OK, I switched from a VZW 700p (650 before that) to a Sprint 755p and I'm very happy with the phone. The 755p is finally what the 650 and the 700p should have been: a (fairly) reliable, PalmOS-based phone. The 755p has minor lag and a couple of resets here and there, but it basically works very well and I'm finally happy after two years of suffering with the 650 and 700p. But what I am NOT happy about is the terrible Sprint customer service. I thought VZW was bad, but, man, I had no idea how horrible it is on the Sprint side. I'm speechless.

    Anyone else made the switch agree with me? At least VZW doesn't farm any CS out to India. I have nothing against the billion people in that country, but in addition to them simply not being well-trained, the call quality always makes it that much more difficult to work out problems. Ugh. I really like the 755p, but hate Sprint so far. Why can't anything be easy these days???
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    I switched to Sprint in May after over 20 years with Verizon. Yes, I always thought Verizon had very good customer service. Always answered fast and the first person you talk to usually can handle any problems. I had called Sprint CS quite a few times when I first started with them and I can tell you these things. Other than being very long on hold, the people I have talked to with Sprint have been excellent. Very friendly, and each time I've asked where they are, they would say, and I really believe, that they were in Ohio. Lately, to get around the long hold, and instead of saying "cancel" when *2 answers, I've just emailed them and get a quick answer that has always told me what I needed (although I haven't asked for anything special from them in awhile other than info and what happened to my rebate). In fact, they helped me immensely when Palm Warranty was useless.

    Oh, I did get my $100 rebate last week, thanks to the email to CS.
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    I have been with Sprint for almost 7 years and its iffy with them, sometimes you get the person that acts like they dont wanna work, then you have the ones that will help you thru the end, i have to agree the hold times are sometimes unbearable thats why i always call after midnight.
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    Sprint CS has been fine for me. Use the 'special' number instead of *2, (search) and you'll get a friendly American.

    Also, their e-care (email) is very prompt and accents don't get in the way.
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    I agree that Sprint customer service is appalling.

    I first tried to order my 755p through the website, but the website wasn't working right. Then I drove over to the Sprint store, where the salesperson told me I wasn't eligible for a rebate (not true). Then I called the sales department a half-dozen times - each time I was put on hold, disconnected, told the computers were down, etc.

    Finally I sent an email to the CEO, and immediately got a call from an "Executive" customer service person who placed an order for me. A week later they discovered that order had been lost, and placed another order.

    I got the 755p yesterday, and it's the wrong one.

    I read an article this morning that Sprint is looking for a new CEO who can improve their profits. I'm not suprised their profits are low - they sure did make it hard for me to give them my money. :-)
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    I've been with Sprint for ~5 years. I've had horrible customer service experiences mostly, but learned that if you keep trying and stick it out eventually you will find the right guy who really likes his/her job and will bend over backwards to help you. Especially when they find out how you've been treated by previous attempts.
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    what is the "special" number?
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    Yeah, the trick is to keep going back over and over and over. And there is a plus side to their incompetancy. You can often use it against them, to get a free upgrade :-) Just keep producing a bug in your old model that they cannot fix and they will give you an upgrade :-) The poor floor manager remembers my name :-) I don't think he likes me :-(

    Some of the INDIVIDUAL Sprint employees are amazing! Some of them have been VERY kind to me. I showed up in their store while still homeless and in full "combat suzy" gear, showing obvious effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, flinching at everything. As soon as they saw I had decent credit and a pocket full of cash, they were polite and respectful. I had no PC to hotsync and no previous experience with a pda. They got me up and running with a device that has honestly changed my life.

    They promised me I can take the phone anywhere in the country without having to change anything in my contract. They promised I can change my phone number for free as often as I need to. These are VERY important issues due to the fact I'm being stalked and sometimes do not know day to day if I'll have to flee on a moment's notice. They have gone out of their way to cater to my special needs.

    Yeah, I have my stories of some amazing incompetancy:-( BUT...they have always come through if I was willing to take the time to follow up on something.

    And my TV and web access and e-mail are cheap. Free calls to other sprint members and generous offpeak hours.

    Whole picture-I'm a VERY satisfied customer. They aint making no profit on me! :-)
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    Sprint CS is a pain in the ****, it's still worth it though.

    I just signed up for a SERO plan, however when I got my phone there was no plan associated with the number I got and it turns out my plan was associated with another number that was also listed under my name. Not sure how that happened but after a long 2.5 hours on the phone and talking to 9 people I found someone in Retentions that fixed me right up. Killed the other number I had no clue about and properly associated my SERO plan with the phone I was sent. She also noted that the Unlimited Text messaging wasn't properly applied and corrected that as well.

    Even though it was a nightmare it was still worth it, being able to save 75-80 dollars a month between myself and my wife is well worth a couple hours of hassle. I never had sprint before so now that the plan is all worked out I need to see if they have decent service in my area (Central PA) in order for me to keep the phone, so far so good (although Power Vision isn't everywhere).
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    Yes, it's hit or miss with Sprint. I've been with them about 10 years now, and it's still Russian roulette whether you'll get your issue resolved - in store or on the phone. They have made giant leaps in improvement - but then seemingly randomly you'll get a rep that "didn't get the memo."

    If Cingular/ATT had reasonable data rates and corporate stores that didn't look worse than Sprint to deal with I'd be long gone from Sprint. But I endure the random idiocy and random intelligence over at Sprint because when they get everything else functional I'm completely happy with the service. The 1-2 hours on average each month I spend dealing with Sprint's issues is still cheaper than switching, and sometimes the reps are enjoyable to talk with. Verizon would be charge me TWICE as much for my same plan - with dubious differences.
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    Oooh boy, Sprint CS is probably the worst I've ever dealt with. I switched from a Verizon 650 to a Sprint 755p. It took over 8 hours on the phone over four days to port my number to Sprint. I was bounced around different departments and hung up on I don't know how many times. I even called the retentions dept first - to avoid getting connected to an outsourced call center.

    It finally took calling Sprint's executive customer service line (search for it on to resolve my situation. I'm pretty happy with Sprint nowadays b/c all the issues have been resolved, and I'm saving over $600 bucks per year with the SERO plan.

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