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    Subscription music (via Rhapsody, Napster, etc.) is very attractive to me and I won't carry any other device other than my 680. I especially like the idea of sharing playlists with other users (who doesn't want thousand of DJs to play for you for free?) Here's the problem: it doesn't seem like the functionality with Pockettunes is very usable. My issue is that the sync times are painfully slow; I would guess about 2 mins. per song? I've searched every corner of the internet and can't find much from anyone who is using this. I would love to hear if someone has faster sync times or even if they just live with the sync speed because they like subsciption music so much.

    Please tell me if you are using pockettunes to listen to subscription music. Or if you have a better solution for my listening needs, I'd like to hear that too! I don't want to hear about how lovely it is to use Rhapsody or Napster to listen to songs you bought there at a per track price and can keep permanently or burn to CD -- I know those sync just swell. Many thanks!
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    I've downloaded a few from Urge. Mostly just stream internet radio, though.

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