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    Is there any email application for the treo 755P that will sync my contacts, calendar and email with exchange besides versamail? I have seem some that connect to exchange but only sync email and nothing else.

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    No sorry.
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    and Syphex would the way, thanks again for your help fellow-treo'er. I am so happy with mail2web, I jump for joy when I check my email.
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    The beta program from Seven will in theory, but none have been able to get it to work. It's from the makers of the Sprint email app.
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    just as a note don't go with the sprint email app. you might hear that its push but its not... it doesn't sync anything. I wish there was a program like chatter that would be as versatile and still sync my contacts/calender. I just can't believe will all the software out there someone has not developed a decent EAS email program. its been almost 4 years since exchange 2003 came out. I don't exactly know when sp2 came out for it enabling microsofts direct push but still you would think in that time we would be able to have a decent program...

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