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    A little confused. Palm released the Sprint MR first, then pulled it. Then they re-released it. Palm released the VZW MR second, then pulled it too. When they re-released it, it was a different version than the first.

    But my understanding is that the second release of the Sprint MR is the same one as the first, just without the desktop download method. Correct?

    So will Sprint folks get an updated Sprint MR at some point?

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    Its gotta be the same as the first. They'll probably never update the 700p again...
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    I believe that the 2nd Sprint MR simply improved the method by which the MR was applied (e.g., the Desktop or hotsync method). If you implemented the first MR using a SD card, then there should have been no differences between the versions in practice.
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    In other words, us Sprint users did not get the network dropout problem fixed, like the Verizon users did.
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    Yes with my Sprint 700p I have to reset manually twice a day to maintain an internet connection

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