I have been experiencing some strangeness with syncing my treo to Outlook 2007. I've looked through Palm KB but nothing has jumped out at me yet.

I have a Treo 700p on verizon that is still at 1.06. I don't have any major problems so I am not about to install the MR. I use bluetooth syncing for both my office computer (Outlook 2003) and my home computer (Outlook 2007). I have installed the Outlook 2007 conduit update on the home computer. Currently the calendar conduit is set to handheld overwrites desktop. The home computer started with Outlook 2000 but was upgraded to Outlook 2007.

1. Recurring events that are set to the last Thursday of the month per handheld and work computer will appear as 4th Thursday of the month on my home machine.
2. Exceptions to a recurring events are not going through correctly. AKA if I delete a single occurance of the meeting mentioned in #1, it will show correctly on the handheld and my office computer but will not show correctly on my home machine. The event will still be there. I have found several entries in the sync log reporting "Unable to create an exception in Outlook for the record [Grotto meeting...]"
3. I occasionally get massive duplication of birthdays. This is usually limited to the home computer.
4. When I was syncing both work and home computers (two way on the home computer), I would occasionally have all of my old events (older than 2 weeks) just disappear. Usually I would end up reimporting on old backup of my outlook pst to get the older events back. Since I went with a one way sync on the home computer, this went away. I'm not sure what would cause this but I figured I'd better add it to the list.