I upgraded from t650 to t680 and installed the new 680 Palm software on 2 computers. I returned the 680 since it would freeze up when pairing with my car blue tooth set up. I removed the 680 software from both computers and rebooted and reinstalled the 650 software. Everything appeared fine until I did an edit, find entered the item then executed find. I get this message please wait while windows configures the palm registry. It then appears to be hung up in a loop and keeps trying to configure the registry and I have to hit cancel several times to get out of the loop. I then removed the 650 software from the computers, rebooted and reinstalled the 650 software again and have the same problem I did this on both computers twice, both running windows XP, M Office 2003 with exactly the same results. I never installed the 680 software on my home computer and everything works fine with the Palm software, edit, find function. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am new to the forum and think it is great. Thanks to all of you for great information and suggestions. I love my 650 and am learning how to really utilize it after owing it 2 years from all of the info I read here.