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    Using a Treo 680, Iím having trouble transferring media (videos) to my Treo. I have 29.7m space on the unit and 1.6gb on the SD card. Using Quick Install on either gets the following Error in the log file. The Hot Sync Manager is set to sync ďMediaĒ. The format of the media appears to be correct.

    During the Hot Sync it gets to Media and seems to operate with some hesitations but it always comes up with the error and does not load.

    The memory in your device may be full. To check the available memory, select Menu/Info from the device's Application Launcher.
    Media synchronization failed

    Any thoughts on how to correct or avoid this problem would be welcome.
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    The Media conduit is different from Quick Install. What does it say for the Install section of Hotsync (close to the beginning)...since that seems to be how you're moving them to the Treo?

    If you want to install new media using the Media Conduit, add them in the Media application in Palm Desktop.
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    Thanks, got it working OK.


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