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    hello everyone, have been in search of a Smart Phone, I have been using Blackberry devices for quite sometime and I love these things to death. The problem is, I'm moving to a country that does not have the Black Berry service, which makes my Black Berry useless really.

    They have normal GPRS and I have been in search for a phone that will work well where I'm going. I love the 680, but I hate the stylus. All I want is a Mac like smart phone (iPhone is not a smart phone!!) I want it to be responsive, snappy, and simple. I'm willing to touch the screen occasionally, but I never wanna have to pull out the stylus, is that something I can accomplish with no trouble?

    thank you
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    I never use the stylus on my t680. Actually, I lost it, but I don't really mind.
    Sometimes I use my finger to perform some action, but most of the time (90%) I use the central button...
    You can definetively forget the stylus on the Treo ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jericho2550 View Post
    The problem is, I'm moving to a country that does not have the Black Berry service
    Where are you moving?
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    the only time I use a stylus on my treo is to play bejeweled or scrabble.
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    I use my Stylus when I'm using PlecoDict (But that's a pretty specialized application, and there's no way around it), but apart from that, it's very rare that I'd ever need to.
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    You can get away without a stylus on most of the major apps, at least in my experience. The thing is, how small (and pointy) are your fingers. Because lots of older apps haven't been upgraded to use the 5-d pad properly. Input with the keypad is no problem, but getting to the input field may be. That's where the stylus may be needed. Of course if you don't need/want any of those apps, then there's no problem.

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    You can use a Treo without the stylus at all! But it's good yo know it's there if you need it... sometimes I use it... cause it's easier to imput data in some applications... eg. when I create an appointment.

    But in general I do not use it
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    thank you all so much for your replies, I'm pretty certain I'm getting one, my other question is stability and response time, I really would like a solid OS that won't lag, crash, or hiccup. Is this something I can expect from this phone?

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    As a *ahem* blackberry owner myself, I can say that the 680 is a good, solid device. There haven't been many reports of the OS being an issue with the 680.

    I think you'll like the Treo. You'll find they have a lot more functionality than the blackberry.
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    i just use my finger too haha
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    picked up a 680, I love it! it's really fast, doesn't lag much, now I just gotta be careful what I install on it
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    Check out this thread that talks about how to determine what's affecting your Treo's responsiveness. The utility, PalmInternals, is a free download.

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