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    Is there anyway I can view the screen sideways in Word to Go?

    I want to lay the treo on it's side in the holder on the bluetooth keyboard, so I can keep it plugged in while I'm typing.
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    I use a program called Rotation.
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    I installed the demo of rotation on my treo 755p. I tried it out on Word to Go. It works fine, but when I exit, to the regular applications homepage, the homepage is frozen and in landscape mode. I have to do a soft reset every time I exit Word to Go.

    Is there a chance this freezing is only in the demo?

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    Hmmm, I didn't experience that. But, I have to tell you, I haven't tried it on my 755P. I just messed with the demo on my 650P.
    Maybe you can ask the people at Mobile Stream.
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    They said that any freezing in the demo would also happen in the full version. I asked as the demo is designed to freeze :-0
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    Anybody try "DisplayManager 1.5"? $5.00 located on
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    I don't think it works on the 755p. Sigh!!!!

    Maybe I did it wrong. I'd sure appreciate it if someone with more experience tried it.

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